Pinnacle Plan Design specializes in qualified retirement plan design, administration and consulting. We design and administer traditional defined benefitcash balance401(k)profit sharing, and money purchase plans, as well as offer many other retirement plan services.

Retirement Plan Design

We are recognized for our ability to maximize the value of your retirement plan with the proper customized plan design. We will sit down with you to discuss what your goals are for your retirement plan.

Some of the questions to think about for your plan design include:

  • Do you want to maximize the benefits for the principals of the company or for other key employees?
  • Do you want to help employees save for their own retirement by offering a 401(k) feature?
  • How large or small is your budget for your retirement program? Perhaps your company has various classes of employees, and you desire different retirement benefits for each.

No matter your goals, we can customize your plan to suit your needs.

In many circumstances, the principal of a firm wishes to maximize their own retirement benefits while maintaining a reasonable cost for their employees. Depending on the company demographics, it is not unusual for our designs to provide at least 60-70% of the dollars going in to the plan to the principal.

Plan Document Preparation & Maintenance

IRS rules require retirement plans to have a written document to formalize how the plan will operate. The IRS maintains ongoing oversight of plan documents. Pinnacle Plan Design offers:

  •       Custom document preparation complete with IRS submission
  •       IRS pre-approved documents
  •       Ongoing plan design improvements with regulatory changes
  •       Amendments, restatements and necessary compliance documentation

Plan Administration & Compliance

Pinnacle Plan Design excels at the everyday detail management and administration of a retirement plan. Our superior technical expertise, combined with our unparalleled client service, makes us an industry leader in the retirement plan industry. Our highly credentialed professionals are committed to delivering outstanding client service, accurate, comprehensive and timely work. Services related to plan administration & compliance include:

  •       Collecting employee census data
  •       Allocating employer profit sharing contribution
  •       Determining employee eligibility
  •       Calculating benefit accruals
  •       Preparing annual funding notices
  •       Preparing actuarial valuation reports
  •       Reconciling plan assets both investment and non-traditional
  •       Top heavy testing
  •       Ensuring tax deductibility of contributions
  •       ADP/ACP testing
  •       Non-discrimination testing
  •       Preparing IRS Form 5500
  •       Preparing Summary Annual Reports
  •       Preparing PBGC Comprehensive Premium Filings
  •       Custom compliance  and administration services

Actuarial Consulting & 401(k)/Profit Sharing Plan Consulting

We are a full-service actuarial and pension administration firm providing consulting, recordkeeping, and actuarial services. However, we are more than just CPAs and actuaries. We take pride in our ability to communicate the intricacies of pension administration in plain English.  Additionally, our knowledge and experience in defined contribution plans allows us to offer clients personalized services to an existing plan to add value or to help meet fiduciary obligations.

  •       Strategic and tactical strategies to plan design that improve plan accumulations and distributions
  •       Plan terminations including administration and communication
  •       Determining optimal employer contribution allocations
  •       Data submission review to ensure accuracy
  •       Plan testing estimates

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Pinnacle Plan Design is a third-party administrator (TPA) for employer-sponsored qualified retirement plans. We specialize in retirement plan design, administration and actuarial consulting for 401(k)/profit-sharing plans, defined benefit plans, cash balance plans, and 403(b) plans. Pinnacle Plan Design proudly serves businesses nationwide.
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