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Plan Design

Retirement plan design may vary dramatically based upon workforce demographics, tax objectives, owner’s retirement requirements, and desired flexibility. We recognize the importance of tailoring retirement plans to the specific goals of the people the plan is meant to serve. Our…

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Plan Document Preparation & Maintenance

Remember…Cycle 3 Restatements for 401(k)/Profit Sharing Plans are Required by July 31, 2022. More info here: Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules require retirement plans to have a written plan document to formalize how the plan will operate. Once Pinnacle Plan…

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Actuarial Consulting

By collaborating with Pinnacle Plan Design’s highly-experienced team of actuaries, third-party administrators gain a significant competitive advantage.  With Pinnacle as your actuarial back-office, you can enter and compete in the defined benefit plan space, including the rapidly growing cash balance arena.

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Plan Administration & Compliance

Annual retirement plan administration and compliance is a large job, and our job is to make sure your retirement plan never becomes a headache. Pinnacle’s team is also aware of the time involved with plan administration.  Therefore, we not only…

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