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Retirement plan design may vary dramatically based upon workforce demographics, tax objectives, owner’s retirement requirements, and desired flexibility. We recognize the importance of tailoring retirement plans to the specific goals of the people the plan is meant to serve.

Our recognized technical expertise and individualized service will customize your retirement plan to suit your needs. Selecting, customizing, and implementing a plan can be a complex process. Our professional staff will guide you through each step of the process.

Whether you desire a cash balance plan, traditional defined benefit plan, defined contribution plan, or a combination plan, we will work with you to design the plan (or plans) that fits not only your individual needs, but the unique needs of your entire organization.

See Types of Retirement Plans for a description of the various plan designs that may work for your organization. Pinnacle Plan Design administers and designs traditional defined benefitcash balance401(k)profit sharing, and money purchase plans.

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Pinnacle Plan Design is a third-party administrator (TPA) for employer-sponsored qualified retirement plans. We specialize in retirement plan design, administration and actuarial consulting for 401(k)/profit-sharing plans, defined benefit plans, cash balance plans, and 403(b) plans. Pinnacle Plan Design proudly serves businesses nationwide.
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