2024 Pension Limits

2015 Pension Limits

In working with your qualified plan, the plan, plan sponsor, and participants will be subject to various pension limits as prescribed by the Internal Revenue Code.

Section 415 of the Internal Revenue Code provides for dollar limits on the benefits and the contributions for qualified retirement plans.

The 2024 pension limits as set by the Internal Revenue Service can be found below.

2024 Pension Limits

Bold numbers indicate a change from 2023.




Maximum Annual Pension Benefit




Maximum Annual Addition




Maximum Elective Deferral




Catch-up Contribution-401(k), 403(b)




Qualified Plan Compensation Limit




Highly Compensated Employee  $155,000



Key Employee Compensation  $220,000



SIMPLE Maximum Contribution (+ Catch-up)  $16,000 (+$3,500)

$15,500 (+$3,500)

$14,000 (+$3,000)

Note that the maximum annual addition limit applies to defined contribution plans, such as 401(k)/profit sharing plans. 401(k) elective deferrals are in fact applied to this annual addition limit.

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