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Cash Balance Plans · Traditional Defined Benefit Plans

We Design and Sign. You Shine!

Included in Actuarial Consulting Package:

Design of Traditional Defined Benefit or Cash Balance Plan
Preparation of Plan Document
Signed Schedule SB
Signed Actuarial Certification of the AFTAP
Preparation of Actuarial Valuation Report and Participant Statements
Computations of Permissible Funding Range
Combined-plan Non-discrimination Testing*
PBGC Comprehensive Premium Filing*
PBGC Annual Funding Notice*

*if applicable

You maintain control of your client relationship.

You prepare Form 5500 and perform the trust accounting.

  • Complimentary plan design illustrations
  • Assistance with marketing efforts
  • No minimums or subscriptions
  • Simply pay us a discounted fee once we have gone to work for you and your client

Testimonials From Our TPA Partners

We have had the privilege of working with the staff at Pinnacle Plan Design since 2007. By collaborating with Pinnacle Plan Design and Kevin J. Donovan, we can offer our clients a full assortment of plan design alternatives to include defined benefit and cash balance plans without having an enrolled actuary on staff.

Kevin is an expert at explaining complicated plan design alternatives on levels that our staff, our clients and our financial advisors understand. He has taken the time to answer our clients’ questions during conference calls and he recently spoke at a financial advisor symposium where our advisors were able to directly ask questions about offering cash balance plan design alternatives.

We look forward to working with Pinnacle Plan Design for years to come. We think of them as part of our team and would recommend their services without hesitation.

Cindy Burnett, COO
Retirement Plan Administrators, LLC | Atlanta, GA

We have used Pinnacle Plan Design’s actuarial services for a number of years. We have always found their work to be innovative and well-suited to our clients’ needs.

Phyllis P. Rimkus, President
Rimkus, Marciano & Associates, Inc.| Rochester, NY

MVP was first introduced to Pinnacle in 2005. MVP serves as the TPA on our 401(k) plans, while Pinnacle serves as the actuary for these same clients’ defined benefit plans.

We were impressed from the start at their ability to provide accurate and timely actuarial services. They have an incredible ability to craft defined benefit plan designs to meet the objectives of our clients, offering consultation and guidance throughout the life of the plan. They develop unique and customized solutions, while still remaining focused on plan compliance.

They have always been a valued partner in the service to our clients.

Mark Vaughn, VP & CFO
MVP Plan Administrators | Cary, NC

We have engaged the services of Pinnacle Plan Design, LLC for several years. This has permitted us to expand our product offerings to include Cash Balance and Defined Benefit plans. The expertise and access to Lynn Young, Kevin J. Donovan, Andrew Forgrave and Sheri Alsguth has given us the confidence to provide these plans to our DC clients.

Their quick turnaround with year-end work, as well as prompt answers to tricky client situations, has proven to be a successful partnership. Pinnacle has allowed us to make defined benefit plans easy for our clients.

Barbara Leadem, Past Owner
Atlantic Pension Services, Inc. | Philadelphia, PA

Pinnacle Plan Design Actuarial Consulting offers quick turnaround!

Meet Pinnacle’s Actuaries

Lynn Young
Lynn Young, EA, FSEA
Consulting Actuary, Partner
  • Recipient of the ASEA Ed Burrows Distinguished Achievement Award (2022)
  • Recipient of the ASPPA Educator’s Award (2022)
  • Specializes in cash balance plans for closely-held firms
  • Board Member, American Retirement Association (ARA)
  • Over 38 years experience
ASEA Ed Burrows Award ASPPA Educator's Award
Andrew Forgrave
Andrew Forgrave, EA, MSEA, FCA
Consulting Actuary, Partner
  • Specializes in the administration of small- to medium-sized defined benefit plans, including plan termination cost-benefit analysis for frozen DB plans
  • Member of the ASEA Leadership Council
  • Over 23 years experience
Kevin Strauch
Kevin Strauch, EA, MSEA
Consulting Actuary
  • Specializes in actuarial consulting and defined benefit administration
  • Over 10 years experience
Charity Westphal
Charity Westphal, EA, MSEA
Consulting Actuary
  • Specializes in actuarial consulting and defined benefit administration
  • Over 9 years experience
Kevin J. Donovan
Kevin J. Donovan, EA, FSEA, FCA
Consulting Actuary, Senior Advisor
  • Recipient of the ASEA Ed Burrows Distinguished Achievement Award (2019)
  • Recipient of the ASPPA Educator’s Award (2015)
  • Leading national speaker and published author in the cash balance plan field
  • Over 41 years experience
ASEA Ed Burrows Award ASPPA Educator's Award

Cash Balance & Traditional Defined Benefit Thought Leaders

Defined Benefit Answer Book

Pinnacle’s actuaries have authored the 2016-Present Editions of the Defined Benefit Answer Book.

Published by:

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National Speaking Engagements

Pinnacle’s actuaries train Enrolled Actuaries and other pension professionals from around the country on technical cash balance plan issues at annual industry conferences hosted by the following organizations.



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