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At Pinnacle Plan Design we provide the highest quality client service and provide meaningful career growth for our employees. Our firm’s commitment to professional development continues throughout your employment with Pinnacle. You will have the opportunity to attend continuous in-house training in technical and soft-skill areas. Additionally, we send employees to national conferences and other external training venues for networking and skill advancement.

The Pinnacle Plan Design organization holds itself to the highest professional standards. Pinnacle’s leadership and professional staff have earned various industry certifications and designations including: EAs, CPAs, ERPAs, QPAs, and QKA®s.

Pinnacle encourages every member of its organization to actively participate in the ASPPA and NIPA certification and credentialing programs, not only demonstrating their commitment to the pension field, but also assuring that every retirement plan Pinnacle supports has access to the most complete and up-to-date information.

We encourage the attainment of professional certifications and designations by paying for test preparation and procedures, license fees, and a bonus for passing the exams related to various certifications and designations including, but not limited to, CPA, QKA®, QPA, APA, and ERPA.

Please contact Amanda Rae Iverson, chief operating officer, at (520) 618-1305 or email her at if you would like to learn more about our firm’s career opportunities.

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