Form 8955-SSA

Form 8955-SSAWhat is Form 8955-SSA?

Form 8955-SSA is the Annual Registration Statement Identifying Separated Participants with Deferred Vested Benefits. In plain English, this form alerts the IRS to all participants who have terminated employment but are still owed a vested benefit.

“SSA” stands for Social Security Administration, because they are the ones that alert the terminated participant that they still are owed a benefit from the plan. This occurs when the terminated participant applies for Social Security benefits.

Who must file Form 8955-SSA?

The plan sponsor must file Form 8955-SSA if it is required to file Form 5500 and has at least one participant who has terminated from employment that is still owed a vested benefit. It also must file Form 8955-SSA to report a change in status of a terminated participant who has received their benefit or is no longer entitled to their benefit.

When is Form 8955-SSA due?

Form 8955-SSA is due at the same time as Form 5500, which is seven months after the plan year end. If an extension is granted via Form 5558, both Form 5500 and 8955-SSA are due 9½ months after the plan year end. Remember, Form 8955-SSA is filed with the IRS while Form 5500 is filed with the Department of Labor.

Find the form and other helpful information on the IRS website:

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