Form 5300

Form 5300What is Form 5300?

Form 5300 is the Application for Determination for Employee Benefit Plans. This form is used to request a favorable determination letter from the IRS regarding the qualification of a defined contribution or a defined benefit plan.

What situations indicate the need to file Form 5300?

Form 5300, or the appropriate 5300 series form (5307, 5310) can be filed when a modification is made to a Volume Submitter Plan Document, or a plan is terminating. Pinnacle Plan Design will prepare the correct form and file it with the IRS for the plan sponsor.

When is Form 5300 due?

Individually Designed Plans (IDP) such as Cash Balance Plans, Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) and other Plans drafted as an IDP must be submitted to the IRS in a 5-year Cycle.  The due date of the submission is based on the last digit of the Plan Sponsor’s EIN.

Find the form and other helpful information on the IRS website:,-Application-for-Determination-for-Employee-Benefit-Plan

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