Enrolled Actuary

Time/Status Full Time

The Enrolled Actuary position duties include: review of and performing annual administration for defined contribution and/or defined benefit plans, preparing and reviewing annual reports, signing as enrolled actuary Schedule SB, AFTAP and other forms as needed, interpreting and reviewing plan documents, tracking data and following up with clients and identifying potential plan redesign opportunities. This position reports to Senior Managers/Owners.

Primary Responsibilities

Preparation and review of annual report and use of judgement required on qualified defined contribution and/or defined benefit plans for Senior Manager/Shareholder review including:

  • Review and Interpret the plan document specifications and apply to the employee/participant
  • Prepare optimum contribution allocation;
  • Review reconciled trust accounts to plan accounts;
  • Perform and review non-discrimination testing (combined plan where applicable);
  • Calculate minimum required contribution, maximum deductible and recommended contribution for the DB plan;
  • Calculate maximum benefits (415(b)) as needed;
  • Prepare/Review IRS Forms 5558, 5330, and 5500 (including Schedule SB) and, from time to time, Forms 5307 and 5310;
  • Prepare PBGC Forms;
  • Calculate required minimum distributions;
  • Prepare excel testing and contribution file for comparison to pension software file output;
  • Identify highly compensated and key employees and assure minimum allocations to non-highly compensated and non-key employees are met;
  • Review distribution and loan disclosures and paperwork based upon plan provisions
  • Prepare/Review/Sign Plan Termination submission as applicable (i.e., PBGC, IRS)
  • Prepare/Review amendments and plan documents;
  • Respond/Communicate with governmental agencies as needed;
  • Prepare illustrations and provide consulting support for potential clients;
  • Communicate with client, accountant, attorney and investment advisor on plan related issues. Develop relationships with clients to establish long-term working relationships.
  • Track data received and not received and follow up with related parties to receive data and maintain responsibility of client caseload management.
  • Review of participant disclosures and notifications.
  • Identify potential plan redesign opportunities, potential prohibited transactions.
  • Train other staff, as needed.
  • Review and make decisions on client invoicing.
  • Review the work of others, as needed.
  • Attend conferences as directed

Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of IRS/ERISA regulations and funding methods;
  • Proficient in using Microsoft Office products and other technology to complete tasks.
  • Enrolled Actuary (“EA”) designation and other designations as applicable (i.e., ASPPA, NIPA);
  • Demonstrated ability to determine benefits and benefit limitations, determine required funding, prepare actuarial valuations and perform non-discrimination testing (with heavy emphasis on combined plan testing);
  • Demonstrated ability to multi-task, meet deadlines, and work in a fast-paced environment to create high-quality products and solutions;
  • Demonstrated technical knowledge and interpersonal communication skills needed to effectively and diplomatically review others’ work with a particular focus in the small plan market (less than 100 participants);
  • Demonstrated ability and willingness to take full responsibility for assigned client plans, completing work in a timely manner, communicating with clients, collaborating with colleagues, and proactively resolving issues;
  • Demonstrated ability to analyze situations and attend to detail to ensure quality

Education and Experience Requirement

  • Bachelor’s degree required;
  • Enrolled Actuary designation required;
  • Minimum 8 years’ experience in an actuarial capacity


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